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Hundure HTA 810-820

৳ 19,000.00



Hundure HTA 810-820

First time setup in 3 minutes, a perfect “DIY” Time Attendance Recorder for either

wall-mount or desktop use. Daylight saving control

Auto or manual clock in and clock out for HTA-820

Dynamic control of memory up to 8,200 transaction data, max. 60 days data

storage in case of power outages.

Valid card identification, maximum storage up to 8,000 records for HTA-820.

Standalone/Network communication via RS232/RS485, dial-up modem and

TCP/IP (External Converter required).

Visual LED for distant display of time, card number (last 4 digits) and for

communication mode, swiped card indication.

Preset 16 time schedule for HTA-820

32 alarm settings

Auto scheduling for data collection, time calibration, download of valid card number.

Memory buffer full warning – when memory capacity reaches 90%, it will send

an alarm to remind the system administrator for data collection. System

halts card data storage as memory capacity reaches 100%.

Invalid card and re-swiped card off-the-record to save memory capacity.

Built in RTC(Real Time Clock) maintaining accurate time regardless of power


Editable attendance management daily or monthly report.


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