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GSM Tracker



N11 High Quality Spy Voice listen Device With
GPS Tracker intact Box
Brand New…..
onek Dur theke Kotha Sona jai…..
N11 MINI GPS Realtime Spy GSM/GPRS/GPS Tracker KID/Car/Dog System
Tracker Device wireless tracking anti-theft remote monitor
GPS type: GPS Tracker
Color: black
Quality: high
Keywords: GPS Tracker
Certification: CE CCC Rohs
The product applies the latest intelligent positioning system for six base
Stations. It is more accurate and also faster than the traditional positioning
System for single base station or three base stations; it has adopted Google map
V3 which covers the majority of the countries; it is also fitted with the audible
Alarm which features clear acoustics and long stand-by time, small size, stable
Performance and convenient installation; it is mainly used fo the monitoring,
Protection and tracking of houses, children, old people, pets, cars and
Technical parameters:
Standby current:2.5mA
Start sound-controlling current:30mA
Speaking current:150mA
GSM positioning time: 35s
Working ambient temperature: -20 dEgree+70degree
Warm prompt:
The instructions for the setting of parameters below shall be written in small
letter and shall adopt English punctuation marks. For all the instructions, the
reply messages will be sent out. If the setting is successful, the message which
informs the success of setting will be sent out; and on the contrary, the setting
shall be repeated.
Brand: Other
Camera: No
Condition: New
Game: No
Model: N11
Weight: 0.60 kg


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